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Access Clinical Reports
View Clinical Reports




Access Clinical Reports

New Menu: Reports Button


Select Report



View Clinical Reports


The Report Viewer opens.

Set the desired report parameters.

Click  View Report.

If you change any of the filter options in any of the reports, you must click  View Report  again to refresh the report.

Click  Print .

In order to print the report, you must have  Microsoft  ActiveX  print control installed on your computer (1–time download per computer).

When you're finished, close the  Report Viewer  browser tab.


Tool Bar Explanation:

  • Page: Select a specific page of the report to view. You can type in the page number you want to go to or use the arrows to go in the proper direction (A single arrow turns one page at a time, the arrow and line goes to the first or last page).
  • Zoom: Increase the size of the text displayed.
  • Find Text Box: Search for specific text in the report.
  • Disk  Icon: Export this report data.
  • Refresh Icon: Refresh the data displayed on the screen.
  • Printer Icon: Print reports.


When you're finished, close the  Report Viewer  browser tab.


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