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Nutritional Assessment



Access Nutritional Assessment
Add a Nutritional Assessment
View an Existing Assessment
Edit an Assessment
Copy an Assessment
Void an Assessment 
View a Corrected or Voided Assessment




Access Nutritional Assessment

Use the main menu:

New Menu: Chart > Assessments > Add New Assessment > Nutritional Assessment

The Assessments screen displays.



Add a New Nutritional Assessment

Click  Add Assessment. 

Click Nutritional under Dietary.

Enter a brief description and any applicable notes.

Click  Next .


The Nutritional Assessment is divided into seven sections (drawers).

Sections may be opened by clicking the drawer title in the right panel, or by selecting the section listed in the Available Sections panel.


Information obtained from the Nutritional Assessment is available for import to a new MDS when one is created if within the specified time frame. 

Nutritional Assessment

  • Assessment Information – Enter the reason for and date of the assessment.
  • Resident Profile – Displays the Resident's basic information such as: residents preferred name, location in facility, admission date, gender, physician information, etc.
  • Part I (Information) – Enter information regarding the resident's diet, weight loss/gain, appetite, adaptive equipment, etc.
  • Nutrition Concerns – Document nutritional risks, swallowing disorders, pressure sore risk, etc applicable for the resident.
  • Labs – Record the resident's recent lab tests.
  • Estimated Nutritional Needs – Specify the resident's nutritional needs.
  • Signatures – Dietary Manager and Registered Dietitian sign and date the assessment.  The second signature will lock the assessment.


Complete all appropriate information in each section.

Sign by right clicking in the Signature box and selecting New Signature or Use Signature on File. The date will fill in automatically.

Click  Save or select Mark As Completed or Lock.


View an Existing Assessment

Select the assessment you wish to view.

Click  View  next to the assessment you wish to view.

Click  Cancel  when finished.


Edit an Assessment

You can edit assessments that have been saved but not yet signed.

Click  Edit  next to the assessment you wish to modify.

Make the desired changes.

Sign if the assessment is complete.

Click  Save .

Once an assessment has been signed and saved, it is locked and cannot be edited. 

Copy an Assessment

Click  Copy  next to the assessment you wish to duplicate.

The Copy Nutritional Assessment screen displays.

Check Copy for correction if applicable.  

Enter a brief  description.

Add notes if desired.

Select the section(s) you wish to copy.

( You can click  Select All  or  Unselect All .)

Click OK.



Void an Assessment

Click  Void  next to the assessment you wish to void.

The Void Nutritional Assessments popup displays.

Enter an explanation for why you are voiding the assessment.

Click  Voided Signature  to sign using the  signature pad.

Or click  Use Signature on File .

Click  OK.

Your assessment is voided.


View a Corrected or Voided Assessment

Select Corrected or Voided from the View Option drop–down.


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