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OrdersMedications will now always sort by type then alphabetically.
eMarMedications scheduled, PRN, & treatments will now be sorted by time first, then alphabetically.
Behavior monitoring Clinical behavioral notes text will now be wrapped for longer documentation.
MDSAdditional Validations have been added to section K on the MDS. 
Progress NotesA new progress note category has been added titled Behavior.
Point Of CareUpdated how previous shift documentation is stored and displayed.
Intake & OutputA new type of intake and output has been added for selection in the clinical application. Users will now see Oral Meds flushed per tube, tube feeding, other, & water flush.
Progress NotesUsers are now able to document using the & symbol. 
Facility setting There is a new facility setting called Temperature- Adjust by route.  If this setting is turned on the system will continue to auto adjust the axillary temps.
ReportsMissed Medication report can now be ran with across multiple months. 
MDS/BillingCorrected error what was cause the HIPPS code to disappear causing default rates. 
Facility settingNew facility setting created to show the level of care as defined in the payor summary on the claim. THis will now allow for the R&B per Diem to be on the UB04.
File UploadNotes can now be added to the files uploaded.