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ReportTwo additional filters have been added to the Resident label print out report. Report can now be filtered by payor & unit/hall. 
ClaimsMedicaid claims will now pull admit date from payor summary.

If the admission date is changed on the UBO4 this will now be reflected on the 832.

ReportProgress note report will no longer have the page break. It can be printed to fit on page or as is.
MDSIssue correct for weights being pulled to the MDS. If a weight is under 100lbs it will be shown as _99 for example. 
File FolderPermissions added for the file folder. If the user has view only they will not be able to edit or upload files. 
ReportEmails have been added to the Resident emergency contact list
ReporteMar roles will now be displayed in the outstanding orders report.
ClaimsUpdated Revenue codes for non paid bed holds to update correctly.