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EMAR/Incidents & AccidentsIssue has been corrected causing vitals not to save.
POCSearch box has been added to POC for easier Resident search.
ReportPayment Reconciliation has been updated for ease of use. 
ReportMedical Devices report has been updated to show past, present devices. 
EMARSliding scale has been moved above past administrations for less scrolling.
OrdersAll orders are now sorted by order type then alphabetically. 
Order setsOrder sets can now be selected for what you want instead of ignoring the items the user did not want. 
Claims74 occurrence codes will now pull to the UBO4.
ReportsNew report in Accounts Receivable. Resident Payor Policy list. Easier tracking and trending of all payors in the SNF. 
Physician portalIssue corrected that stopped Providers from being able to sign orders.
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