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ReportResidents admission date has been added to the Primary Physician Report
FacesheetAll residents professional services will now be displayed on the facesheet and report. 
Activity AssessmentA note entry field has been added to this assessment,
ReportThe Icon report can now be sorted by icons types or by resident.
Diagnosis codesNew permissions placed in order entry screen. If users do not have permission to add a diagnosis code then they will not be allowed to enter on the orders screen. 
Infection Control AssessmentOnset date of infection field has been added to this assessment. 
Census HistoryThe Census History screen will now display Hospice- Name of hospice company listed on the payor summary screen
ReportCash flow report is now reflective of homes fiscal year and not calendar year. 
ReportFacility name will now display at the top of the Care Plan Summary report. 
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